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Tissue box

SKU: 0009
€ 172,00Price
    This product is special and delicate, therefore it requires particular care and attention. In order to preserve the original look and feel of the product, we rocommend that you observe the following instructions:

    Avoid leaving in direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight or high intensity source of light can lead to a discolouring, fading and deformation of the leather which cannot be corrected afterwards. Avoid exposure to very wet, damp or humid conditions as well as high temperatures. Water can be harmful if it is allowed to penetrate the leather and can lead to the appearance of bubbles or marks which cannot be removed.

    Avoid soaking the leather or applying strong detergents. Avoid “feeding” the leather with products such as waxes, polishes or saddle soaps. This may make the surface of the leather sticky, attracting dirt and causing irreversible damage. Avoid washing the fabric lining.

    Lekona maison recommend cleaning the exterior leather with a soft cloth and warm, mild soapy water. Ensure cloth is carefully and thoroughly wrung out so it feels very slightly damp and gently wipe the leather. Repeat, using only clean water.


    In the event of a problem, do not hesitate to contact Lekona maison.

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