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About Our Leather


At Lekona Maison, we only use the most premium materials.


Our leather is seasonally hand picked by our founder to ensure that only the finest samples are obtained.


The premium leather chosen is soft yet durable whilst being able to maintain the premium look that is desired from a fine home accessory.


Master craftsmen painstakingly hand craft each product to maintain the pristine quality of each product.



From start to finish, it has been of paramount importance to our founder that each product is handmade in its entirety.


Due to our founder's long standing relationships with material sources and the master craftsman, Lekona Maison is able to offer a bespoke service.


We have prolific experience working with super brands to establish private, bespoke collections. Past clients include superyachts, private aviation, private members clubs and ultra high net worth individuals seeking whole collections for private residences and holiday homes.


Our luxury leather accessories production truly has no limits. We are able to offer whole bespoke collections with an unlimited number of pieces.


Should you wish to create a bespoke, 1 of 1 product with us, using the most premium leather available, we would be enthused for you to get in touch :


We are able to create anything that you wish with our master craftsman working with the finest leathers for the last three decades.

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